Pickleball Court: At the October 9, 2022 Fall Membership meeting - the vote was YES to install a Pickleball Court behind the Clubhouse. The LCBPOA asked for approval from the Membership to put a Pickleball Court behind the Clubhouse upon receipt of three bids not to exceed $9,000. This will be a concrete 25’X50’ 1250 Square Foot concrete slab located East of the basketball court behind the Clubhouse.  


Paloma Piers Update

The DNR approved Paloma to move forward with their pier permit application with the County and the U.S. Army Engineers as of today’s date (10/11/22), Paloma has NOT moved forward with either the County or the U.S. Army Engineers so we’re hoping that Paloma has put the pier request on hold.


See the attached letter by the DNR. There are many steps BEFORE Paloma is officially approved. The DNR only approved that Paloma could begin those steps but it does not mean that it is “officially approved.”