Kitchen Renovation: The kitchen will be closed for any rentals from Thursday, April 6, 2023 thru Friday, April 14, 2023 for renovation.


2023 Election

The following positions will be up for Election on May 7, 2023. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please submit a letter of intent to the Secretary no later than Friday, April 21, 2023.

Vice President


2 District 1 Directors 

2 District 2 Directors

Pier Committee (minimum of 3, maximum of 7)

VICE-PRESIDENT.  In the absence of the President or in the event of his or her death, inability, or refusal to act, or in the event it shall be impractical for the President to act personally, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and act within the authority of the Office of the President.  The Vice-President shall perform other duties and have authority as may be delegated or assigned to him or her by the President or the Board of Directors.  When so acting, the execution of any instrument of the Association by the Vice-President shall be conclusive evidence to third parties of his or her authority to act on behalf of the President. 

SECRETARY.  The Secretary shall co-sign all deeds, mortgages, loans, notes, bonds, stock certificates, contracts, leases, reports and all other similar documents or instruments necessary or proper to be executed during the Association’s regular business, or which shall be authorized by resolution of the Board of Directors.  Except as otherwise provided by law or the Board of Directors the Secretary shall: (a) affix the seal of the Association to papers executed on behalf of the Association as required or directed to be sealed; (b) keep any minutes of all meetings of the members of the Association and of the Board of Directors meetings that may be  prepared in one or more books provided for that purpose; (c) see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws or as required by law; (d) be custodian of the Association records; (e) prepare the approved minutes for distribution; (f) receive, secure, date stamp, and log all incoming mail a minimum of three days per calendar week; (g) distribute the mail as appropriate and perform all duties incidental to the Office of Secretary and have such other duties and exercise such authority as assigned to him or her by the President or by the Board of Directors.  The Secretary shall maintain the Association records in written form or in another form capable of conversion into written within a reasonable time.  All documents and communications generated by the Secretary shall require signature of both the Secretary and the President.  The Secretary is required to audio tape all public meetings of the Association and present transcribed minutes prior to the next meeting of the Association.  The transcribed minutes will accurately represent the actions taken at any given meeting.  The Secretary is to post all notices, agendas, etc., by all means legally available to the Association. 

DISTRICT DIRECTOR ELIGIBILTY.  Any member of the Association in good standing who wishes to be a District Director must attend at least three (3) Board of Directors meetings within the preceding one (1) year period to be eligible for the position of District Director. 

DISTRICT VOTING ELIGIBILITY.  The members of each District shall nominate candidates to fill two (2) positions for District Director within their respective District.  Only members residing within the districts eligible for nomination and election of District Directors during any election cycle shall be allowed to nominate and vote for positions within their District.  All eligible voting members will be allowed to nominate and vote for positions on the Executive Board during each applicable election cycle. 

PIER COMMITTEE: A standing Pier Committee shall be elected by the members of the Association from among their number and serve for a period of four (4) years. Positions on the Pier Committee shall be filled by majority vote of the membership held in conjunction with elections for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, (3) Pier Committee (minimum of three (3) Pier Committee members), and 2 District Directors each for Districts 1 and 2 as outlined in Article X, Sec. 10.02.  The Pier Committee shall consist of an odd number of members with a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) members. Only one (1) member of the Board of Directors may serve as a member of the Pier Committee. The Pier Committee will not have the power or right to revoke a member’s pier privilege or pier waiting list position. It shall be the responsibility of the Pier Committee to make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all matters relating to pier privilege assignment, pier applications, pier waiting list status, and pier Policies and Procedures. All Pier Committee recommendations to revoke either existing pier privilege or position on the pier waiting list must be confirmed or rejected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at a publicly held Board or Membership meeting. Further, it shall be the responsibility of the Pier Committee to provide oversight of pier applications, assignments, installations and removals, pier size and location compliance, and to maintain a current, reconcilable pier application and assignment list. Pier list may be encoded by tax key number or other suitable coding method to assure the privacy of those listed. Access to these lists will be to any Association member in good standing. The Board of Directors shall hold the sole authority to confirm Pier Policies and Procedures and approval of assignment or rejection of member pier privileges or eligibility status. The Pier Committee will be responsible for written communication with a then current pier holder(s) or applicant(s) regarding any pier or pier applicant privileges. Notice to the affected member(s) will be made via registered U.S. mail at least ten (10) business days prior to the meeting at which such action will be considered by the Board of Directors. The affected member(s) have the right to appeal a pending decision regarding pier eligibility, by written notice to the Board of Directors, within 30 days of receipt of such written notification. If a member’s pier privileges or waiting list status are revoked by Board vote, the affected member(s) shall be notified by the Board by certified mail within five (5) business days of that decision. The Board of Directors shall allow a member presentation, (at a closed Board session if requested by the member), at a legal meeting of the Association to appeal a rejection of Pier privileges or waiting list status.